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Fractured Talks Road to Fall Alpha, Including Largest PvE Expansion Yet

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Recently, the Fractured team shared more details on their roadmap to the Fall 2021 alpha, including the largest PvE expansion yet, and more.

The community update discusses a number of topics including PvP mechanics with evil alignment, neutral alignment, and good alignment. It looks like tweaks are being made to evil and neutral alignments, but good alignment isn’t really changing.

The PvE expansion was also detailed since PvE is the main focus of the Fall alpha after PvP was the focus of the Spring alpha. This expansion is described as the largest content expansion and will introduce over 20 new creatures, over 40 new abilities, in addition to more points of interest and world events.

Specifically, the update calls out the following for the PvE expansion:

  • The continent of Myr should be varied and full of interesting locations, which should…
    • …make exploration way more exciting than it used to be;
    • …give new characters plenty of locations to gain Knowledge and new abilities at, avoiding busy areas where the chance to meet a PK is higher.
  • Character progression should last much longer.
  • There should be plenty of viable character builds, both in PvE and PvP and for both mages and warriors.

During the Fall alpha, you’ll also be able to find locked chests from POIs and world events. You’ll need lockpicks to open them. Additionally, ogres are being added to the Fall alpha which can be found in Western Myr. Bandits are also being introduced across both Eastern and Western Myr.

The update also touches on various abilities, item power, imbuing, enchanting, and various other updates. You can read the full community update here. Recently, Fractured finally received city sieges.


Poorna Shankar