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Fractured Patches Issue Fixes and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fractured has seen several recent patches released to bring about several fixes and more improvements over the last several days. Some of these fixes are server-side, but most of them were client-side. Here’s what you can expect from these updates.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fractured of late, it suffered a pretty bad server crash recently. The team issued a lengthy forum post detailing what their plans are to deal with the issues. Unfortunately, it looks like that issue may actually be out of the team’s hand.

These recent patches, however, aim to address some bugs and provide some fixes. One of the first patches was a server-side patch bringing some requested features into the mix,

  • “Knowledge gain sharing between party / guild members is now working correctly. If a player gains kill rights on a monster, all the members of the same party / guild who have taken part in the fight gain kill rights too, even if the damage they dealt was minimal.
  • The Play Time counter should have stopped resetting for good!”

Subsequent patches changed some plants in starting areas and issued bug fixes to battle jump, new monsters being listed correctly, usage of certain materis, hotkey rebinding, the cobweb spell, and more. Curiously, one of the patches listed what players can expect next,

  • “The revamped Legends system - powerful world bosses that can be summoned and drop wondrous loot, including Lost Tales, items that grant knowledge when consumed!
  • Some good balancing for a few key spells that are currently OP in PvP.
  • More bug fixes... and exploit fixes! Yes, we can see you. Yes, we know it all.”

Recently, the team showed off some biomes in addition to beginning their delayed Spring Alpha.


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