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Fractured Opens Alpha Server to All in Free Play Event Through Wednesday

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured, which has been in its fall alpha, is letting everyone who wants to get a taste of the sandbox MMO in for a special limited free for all event. This will close out the fall alpha and run until Wednesday, October 13th.

The Fractured team also applied a new update before the free play event opened, cleaning some things up before the guests arrived. They've put in most of the remaining planned talents and fixed some bugs.  If you haven't been able to check out Fractured, but have interest in trying out this stage of the alpha, you can try just by registering an account and downloading the game. Normally, access is by buying a founder pack, but for this free play event, it's not needed.

Development on Fractured has been continuing, with recent overhauls to weapons and armor, as well as peeks at POI and races, the fall alpha has already made tons of changes to consider. The marketplace has also been recently redone, talents and skills rebalanced, and with the new update, most of the missing talents the team hadn’t added until now. The team recently showed off some of the new talents, and the 40 skills they had already redone and added, terrain, and more. There have even been updates to the game’s alignment system, which offers advantages or consequences for player action, giving more choice over how to play.

Letting in anyone that wants to join the test is definitely a good way to test populated servers, especially after some recent server optimization work. Will things hold up? Well, that's the question, and having a crowd come in to poke around, try to take down the monsters (and each other), and otherwise push the servers is the key to knowing. To encourage not just exploration, but PvP, there's also a lower cost and preparation time needed for city raids. 

For more on the Fractured fall alpha free play, check the official free play fall alpha announcement.


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