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Fractured Online's Temperature and Weather Systems Add New Challenges and Strategies

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Fractured Online team is highlighting the weather and temperature systems. The temperature system goes live in today’s closed beta update, while the weather system follows next week.

When it comes to Fractured Online, the development team has always talked about challenges and meaningful decisions, and this is reflected in everything from the skills you choose to learn to the diversity of races and terrain with various biomes. When it comes to challenge, making the world feel real adds to the decisions you have to make, knowing that there will be consequences. 

Temperature in the game is based on three factors: the biome, the time of day, and the weather. These will impact the different temperature ranges that occur in that place. Different biomes will have a general base range and different potential temperature ranges also affected by time of day. Then comes the effect of weather. For example, if you are in a biome that is punishingly hot (more on that in a moment), you might find it more advantageous to move around there at night or if it's raining. 

You’ll have to consider potential status effects when deciding where to adventure or get what you need. Chilled and Warm are statuses you can get while venturing in an area too hot or cold for your race’s temperature tolerance (as they all vary). These will occur and increase to a max of 100 stacks. Frozen and Warmed are more brutal statuses, but they don’t happen with temperature exposure alone, but with other help like player spells. When it comes to countering temperature effects, you can always move to a  more suitable area or find good gear that provides insulation from the right effect. The team will also be adding potions that you can use to help yourself if you get into trouble.

Weather will also have an effect on temperature and we’ll see clouds spawning in different zones that also determine weather events, including precipitation, high wind, and even storms. Weather in general depends on the planet and the continent. Each cloud that does spawn will have a circular range and affect all terrain within that circle. In the center of the circle, you will find the greatest intensity, and out towards the edges, things will be a little calmer. Weather events are location based. Currently, all cloud spawns have a negative effect on the temperature but they are looking into adding additional special events that could shake things up, like acid rain or meteors.

For details on the temperature and weather systems, along with update notes, head to Fractured Online. 


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