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Fractured Online's Skills System Will Give You Full Choice Over What Kind of Character You Want

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 The developers of Fractured Online continue taking us through the game's systems. This time they highlight the Skill system and the freedom of choice to explore combinations that make your characters as unique as you want them to be.

The previous feature spotlight focused on the Knowledge system and skills play an important part in that system as well. Since the game’s progression is based on learning and doing instead of raw levels and gear, you’ll have some choices to make..

Abilities in the game fall under several categories within both the school of Magic and the school of Fighting. Depending on how you want to play the game, it's theoretically possible for your hero to learn all the abilities in each school in whatever order you want. So if something looks appealing to you and you can't wait to try it, you can go that path. The system incentivizes at least some degree of combination over pure specialization.

Each of those schools is further divided into different types of skills. For example Magic covers Enchanting which is focused on giving items and creatures elemental powers that will help create temporary or permanent magical effects. This could also mean ways to add effects and bonuses to crafted items, which you could then sell.

Another school is Illusionism which is exactly how it sounds by manipulating the minds of other creatures in order to hurt or trap. Maybe Invocation is more your goal, where you can mix elemental powers with raw magic and gain access to some of the game's most devastating powers. Or maybe you want to get into necromancy or blood magic. It's up to you.

The school of Fighting concerns itself with such crafts as Marksmanship, where you can learn how to hit multiple targets or create really devastating weapons and high damage. Maybe you want Musicianship which you can use to manipulate emotions and influence creatures. Or perhaps you just want to study assassination, which involves stealth techniques and how to use items like light weapons and traps. Or maybe Warfare is more your thing if you just want to go all out in armed melee combat. There’s also Martial Arts, if unarmed melee is more your thing.

The system in Fractured Online is designed to encourage studying multiple skills from both of these schools to blend your characters in a way that suits you.

For more on all of the skills, along with video demos, head over to Fractured Online 


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