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Fractured Online's New Seasons Update is Live, Adding Leaderboards and New City Changes

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Seasons are now live in Fractured Online. The big update was recently announced and adds three new leaderboards–for guilds, players, and season overall–as well as newly visible PvP ELO scores, the city allegiance system, with siege changes, and much more.

When announced, the team wanted to create something new with seasons and competition. Since Fractured Online is a sandbox, they wanted players to be able to play their way and contribute to their guild’s season point totals in various capacities.

Now visible in the social menu tabs are the new leaderboards. The players leaderboard ranks players by criteria like total knowledge points, PvP elo, or legend scores. The guilds leaderboard ranks similarly, listing guilds ranked by the sum totals of their members’ knowledge points, or PvP elo. Legend scores have a place here too, as guilds are ranked by their total score there too. Finally, the season leaderboard will show guilds listed by their total season scores.

PvP elo was always visible from the character menu, but now it will be more prominent since it affects ranks. Legend scores are also going to be more prominent going forward since they are calculated by doing legends on different difficulties. More risk, more reward.

Also in this update are changes to cities. City Allegiance, where a city can pledge its allegiance to a guild, which will earn season points every 24 hours, is now an option. Points may be earned in a couple of different ways, but there are also ways a guild can lose season points depending on certain situations involving a city, so it's up to you to determine what the most beneficial relationship is.

Cities also get changes involving sieges, including some important bug fixes. Defenders that are within the town hall are protected from PvP in a way that works similar to attackers in a siege tent. Players who were once unfortunate to log into a siege zone will now be kicked to safety right away.

For more on the update, including details on the features and on some backend work, read the notes over at Fractured Online.


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