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Fractured Online's Free Week Begins Today, With Some Referral Bonuses

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured Online’s free week has officially begun. If you would like to spend a week checking out the closed beta, you can do that for free right now through May 31st at 7 a.m. PDT.  For existing players, there are also some referral bonuses.

The closed beta is the same as existing players have been taking part in since it opened,  So there aren't any restrictions on what you can do during your experience. you'll be able to sample the game's progression system, explore the world on the continent of Aehern, and take part in the game's economy, crafting, resources, Knowledge and rest systems, and of course experience the recently unveiled weather and temperature systems and their impact on your gameplay.

While the game will have three races, the closed beta only let you play as Humans for now, though the Dynamight Studios team has revealed that the Wildfolk are coming this summer in an update, and the Demons will be available in the fall. So for now, you'll still be able to get a full feel for the game’s systems and be able to plan ahead if you're enticed enough to continue in the closed beta with a Founder's Pack, or if you decide that you have interest in playing after the planned winter release.

There are also referral bonuses for those existing players that recruit a friend (or multiple friends, since these scale) to purchase access. For one recruit, you get the Vanguard title, for three, a Vanguard costume, and for five, a Wolfrider mount.

For more on free week and the game itself, head to Fractured Online.


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