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Fractured Online's Audiobook Tease Introduces Difficult Choices and Consequences

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Before Fractured Online was confirmed as the mystery release that Gamigo was teasing, they released a series of audiobook-style storytelling clips that introduced us to the world full of chaos, demons, and danger, as well as hinted at some of the things to come. Now there’s an updated version of these clips, complete with some animation for all four chapters.

The first chapter, “A Sacrifice”, hits hard with its memorable events and mental pictures of the chaotic introduction and the effect of hope. Not only does it tell a story of sudden Demon invasion, but more, in a story of survival and what that both takes and means. There are real consequences for both the protagonist, a mother, and the world. This aligns with Dynamight’s goals of making choices, options, and everything from race choice to skills, and what your approach is to gameplay all meaningful.

Now that there have been a number of reveals about Fractured Online, from the worlds, the three races and their members, the danger, skills and alignment systems, and even offense and defense, listening to these chapters offers something new even if it’s not your first time. Now that we know more about the world and options for some of the forces that might shape it, it’s possible to go back and match up some of what we’ve learned since to the events of these audio stories.

The first chapter centers on a human mother, but there are demons and a member of the Wildfolk also plays an important part. Subsequent chapters broaden up our view of the world as well as some of the events and considerations to make when we’re going to get the chance to take part.

Fractured Online is currently in closed beta, accessible via a Founder’s Pack. Dynamight and Gamigo are looking towards a release in winter.


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