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Fractured Online Update Gives the Wildfolk Their Shapeshifting Primal Forms

Also makes the marketplace easier to search

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In Fractured Online, the Wildfolk race was added when the game entered Early Access back in September, but the Dynamight Studios noted that they weren’t yet complete. Now, with today’s update, the team has filled what they call the missing piece, and Primal Forms are live. The update also tweaks the marketplace and fixes a number of bugs.

Primal Forms are ways for the Wildfolk to shapeshift through the use of primal energy that they collect by interacting with crystals during crystal events. This is special for the Wildfolk people because the crystal at these events has an infinite supply of primal energy, but the events run for limited times. The events will respawn somewhere else if anyone gathers any of the crystals around them. So you’ll have to be quick and on target, since each of your five charges take four second of gathering to fill.

With one full charge, you can  transform to your primal form, shapeshifting into the animal that your character is based upon. This comes with several advantages and disadvantages since if you are transformed you can't harvest, ride a mount, or craft. These forms are particularly good for fighting though. 

You'll get a +500 to life, movement speed bonus, and accuracy boost of +400 and a 25% boost to critical chance. The different types of Wildfolk races get additional bonuses. For example, the clawed Chadras will get strength and dexterity boosts, slash and piercing damage, and armor penetration. 

Once you have a better idea of the bonuses for each type, you'll be able to figure out what the best strategies are, especially if you are fighting in a party or you want to complete an instance or even a siege. 

An interesting thing to note is that the human Wildfolk race, the Iridra, also have their own version, albeit limited. There’s no shapeshifting and the effect lasts just 10 seconds, but they get +200 bonuses to both mana and health regeneration per second. 

Also included in the update is the introduction of a find item functionality in the marketplace. We've also added a 1 month expiration on orders on the marketplace after they've been created.

Read the full notes over at Fractured Online.


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