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Fractured Online Update Adds Stargates For Interplanetary Travel and a Surprising New Wildfolk Sub-race

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured Online’s new update, Arrival of the Blessed Guardians, is here, and not only does it introduce a new sub-race for the Wildfolk, but it also adds interplanetary travel. 

The new sub-race for the Wildfolk might not be what you expect. They are the Iridra, humans who, after the fracture, wanted to live a life more attuned to nature and a more peaceful existence. These humans were accepted in their genuine nature and given some special blessings that let them behave and live as any other Wildfolk would. 

As with the rest of the Wildfolk, they have a good alignment and are functionally like other Wildfolk in terms of rules. They’ll be able to absorb energy from primal crystals just like what the team is calling Primal Forms of the Wildfolk, but the feature hasn’t been added yet.

If you’ve had the chance to play a human on Syndesia, you’ll find that the Iridia have their own customization options, with new faces, hair options, and colors.

The update also opens up stargates for travel. While the team initially conceptualized stargates more like buildings that you could add to player cities, they’re entering the game as specific structures in the world. Their placement, generally one per continent, will be located at a roughly equal distance from a content’s two starting areas. Not only can you use them to travel from one continent to another, but you can now travel to other planets.

You’ll need to activate the stargate to get it to open for one minute. Activation happens via Energy Crystal shards, which are only available through a new world event on Arboreus. The event is only partially implemented, but for now, finding the event will let you collect 10 shards. You’ll need 20 to open a stargate. Once open, anyone, regardless of guild or party membership, who sees an open stargate can use it to travel.

The update also made some other changes, including removing the 10% item durability loss on death, and the ability to set your city in EU time.

Read the full notes over at Fractured Online.


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