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Fractured Online Unveils Ranked Guild Seasons With Several Twists

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Fractured Online is getting competitive seasons for guilds, with a twist or two. Seasons will be a feature in the game  that will be very important for guilds to be able to earn season points, ranks, and additional options for rewards.

When the season starts, all kinds of actions can earn you points. Only guilds can participate, so you'll have to join one. If you are already a member of a guild, then you're all set because all guilds will automatically participate in the potential ranking system. Now, because Fractured Online is a sandbox that encourages and supports all kinds of play styles, you can earn points  for a variety of actions as you play. If you are into challenging others and PVP, you’ll earn points. If you craft items, there will be points for that.

Since guilds can own cities, each  owned city will earn points for that guild daily. The value will change depending on the city's rank, so it's in your interest to build up your guild cities and keep them strong. If you raid a different city owned by another guild, you will get even more points for the successful takeover.

One of the twists for seasons in this game is that for the first two weeks of any new season, all cities will be vulnerable to attack. Normally, you can only attack and try to lead sieges against neighboring cities but during this time. 

When it comes to the leaderboards, you'll be able to get rewards, and the team has one in particular to talk about in the spotlight, something called City Relics. The beauty of these as a prize is that they award a unique buff when they are placed within your city and those buffs are tailored to your city. The example they give is if your city is particularly known for crafting, you might get a blacksmithing buff that would increase the city's worth, potentially attract more new citizens, and stand out.

For more, head over to Fractured Online for the full devblog.


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