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Fractured Online 'The Sacrifice' Trailer Released Ahead of Free Weekend

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Starting this Friday, September 2nd, Fractured Online will offer a free weekend via Glyph ahead of the game’s release in Early Access mid-month. Now, Gamigo has released a new live action trailer,  called “The Sacrifice”, to set the mood for what you can expect.

The four-minute trailer is set to a song by the same name, performed by Lara Loft. It opens on a young man in a field surrounded by casualties. He starts to gather what he can, of supplies and weapons, and the trailer focuses on things like gathering resources to forge into weapons, learning skills, and the importance of a good group of allies.

As a blacksmith hands the youth his newly-forged sword, you see others invite them to join their group and become allies. You also see various members of the group training up their weapon skills through use and choices.

While this trailer might not be done in-game, you do get a feel for many of the systems and the world that awaits. Though all of those featured are human, there is a little twist that should leave a sense of anticipation. Will we ever see this group again? Who knows, but the game’s content will also likely give us more info to get a good idea when it’s eventually released.

Fractured Online’s free weekend begins via Gamigo's Glyph platform on September 2nd at 10 AM EDT and will end on Monday, September 5th at 10 AM EDT. This should give those interested a taste of what to expect when the Early Access period opens up via Steam on September 15th.

A new race, the Wildfolk, will feature in the Early Access, along with their lush planet of Arboreus. The final race to be added, the Demons, is set for sometime late in the fall.

For more, head over to Fractured Online.


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