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Fractured Online Team Shares 2022 Roadmap to Planned Winter Launch

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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With the closed beta now open and running 24/7, the Fractured Online team is looking ahead and giving a peek at their planned 2022 roadmap, season by season, towards launch.

The launch window goal is targeted for winter, so there’s a bit of time and lots more to come on the road to get there. Closed beta has been open for about a week now, and players who have access (through buying Founder’s Packs) are able to get into the servers and test out what life on Aerhen is like, fight some monsters, learn the updated crafting system, and explore a wide variety of terrain and weather types. Of course, this also involves getting to know the deep character customization and Knowledge systems that the team included to add layers of meaning to your player-driven choices in this sandbox MMORPG journey. 

More planned updates this spring now that the closed beta is up and running are solidifying Syndesia, leaderboards and the arrival of French and German localization.

Summer will appropriately bring the lush Wildfolk planet of Arboreus, along with the day/night cycle and new endgame PvP content. 

In the fall, we can expect the Demon planet of Tartaros. They also promise even more crafting updates and the arrival of alchemy and the religion system. There will also be additional language options coming.

That brings us to winter, and this will be a big one for Fractured Online. After adding all the core planets in prior updates,it’s the final round of major updates and polish before the game is set to launch. They’re also teasing a surprise new feature coming in the winter updates. That won’t be revealed anytime soon, so they haven’t spilled all of their secrets just yet.

You can find out more and read the full update and  roadmap from Dynamight Studios and Gamigo over at the Fractured Online site.


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