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Fractured Online Reworks Poison, Bleed, and Stealth, Adds New Custom Chat Channels, and Trusted Citizen Role

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Fractured Online’s closed beta continues and development has continued to add and adjust features based on community feedback and data. The new update brings several chat upgrades, the new Trusted Citizen role for player government, several reworks, and more.

MMORPGs are social games and having helpful chat channels is one of the basic important features. In this update there are several new global chat channels and several upgrades.  The new channels are Trade, Recruit, and Help. Players can also now create and control custom chat channels. Once you pick a category and click on the gear next to the name, you can choose which chat  categories you want to use, decide which channels you want in each category, and even rename them. The default categories are General, Local, Trade, Help, Party, and Guild, but you can control which ones you see and which types of messages you see within that category. 

A new feature is the role of Trusted Citizen within player controlled governments and cities. This new role is between Citizen and Vice-Governor. This means that those with just the Citizen role are “untrusted” and their benefits are limited to being able to join a city, claim land within it, and avail themselves of citizen only crafting stations and tax rates. They won't be able to remove anything from common containers, but a Trusted Citizen gets the regular level permissions and  others:

Use all processing stations with an internal inventory (for now: Tanning Tub, Smeltery, Packaging Station)

 Use stockpiles

  Use chests

  Seed and harvest farming plots

  Interact with the Siege Workshop and catapults

This update also has several reworks. The K.O. popup has been reworked for more visual clarity and to reduce the number of players accidentally killing themselves by pressing a button without reading text. Poison and Bleed also get reworked to be stack-based, and their corresponding abilities are changed as a result. Their stacks will get stronger when applied in higher numbers. Stealth has also been reworked to no longer be a permanent status effect. How long it lasts will now be determined by the ability you use to activate it and your stealth modifier.

You can read the full notes over at Fractured Online.


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