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Fractured Online Reveals a Resource-Packed Continent With Widely Varying Biomes to Tempt You

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Fractured Online team is unveiling a brand new continent that offers great risk and reward. Aerhen is intentionally designed as a varied, resource rich continent with multiple biomes and danger within a 40 square kilometer range.

Traversing through Aerhern lets you encounter different monsters and different challenges. Monsters, the land, and the weather are not the only challenges you'll face but you’ll need to prepare as you journey through the varied regions. There is a mountainous region with rocky terrain and if you make your way through the mountains you may start seeing snow as you pass through the colder areas. There’s even a hot rocky area, since why not add lava? There's also a grassy terrain known as the steppe with all kinds of pretty environmental color that distinguishes it. As you pass down from the mountains you'll find the tundra with its rich foliage ,described as a good place to camp because it's not exactly in the  most dangerous areas but it is close enough.

So about those monsters? Some of what you'll find include Primelings, which are crablike and small. Elementals can be normal (if you’re lucky) or greater (to test yourself against). Jotunns are part of this continent too, and they also have some variety. How about mage or warrior Jotunns? In addition, some standard MMO enemies will be involved too, like spiders, bandits, and goblins.

What makes this continent special is also that it's rich in resources. Because of all of the different environments and biomes represented, there will be greater availability of different resources packed into the lands. What the team describes is essentially a land of opportunity with a price. Not only will passage via a harbor require at least 1,000 coins, it will go up if you’re carrying a lot with you. Again, more decisions to make in this game, but it fits with the rest of the design revealed so far.

For those who might be looking to try out the continent and its variations during the upcoming closed beta, the team warns that closed beta will not feature the weather effects at beta launch, but they’ll be added in later.

For more on Aerhen, see the official announcement over at Fractured Online.


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