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Fractured Online Releases 'Biggest Rebalancing Patch Ever' in Response to Extended Playtest Feedback

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Fractured Online is currently in the middle of a server war, but the Dynamight Studios team are in the mood for balance changes. Huge balance changes, they have just released their biggest rebalancing patch ever.

So while the server war playtest is still going on, the community has been giving feedback on a number of problems. The team has identified a couple of glaring issues that are priority, but since they promised the biggest rebalancing patch in the game's history, they're delivering on that.

Several of the issues that they wanted to address, include endgame balancing because they've have players that have already reached endgame and  have all ability schools at level 10 out of 10. The community’s top issues were:

  • Damage is too high all over the board. This makes fights too short and competitive non-tanky builds always focused on burst damage.
  • Crowd control effects are too long, particularly those that completely prevent movement like roots and stuns.
  • A few specific spells are definitely OP, while some others are hardly ever used.

Not only does the patch address these specific issues,  but the team is fixing everything from other players sliding when moving or turning or relocating, optimized CPU usage, and ended interruption of spellcasting when pressing hotbar buttons. 

They want to be able to support different play styles, but if people feel like they have little choice but to invest their time in the most OP builds to get anywhere, then that doesn't work. The rebalancing changes to all different skills and fighting types are very long, but  after the team revamped the entire skill system, a patch like this isn't much of a surprise. Clearly, the team was focused on all of the changes they had made to progression, but getting it in front of big, consistent groups matters. 

You can read the full rebalance patch notes to orient yourself, if you are headed back into the fray, over at Fractured Online.


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