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Fractured Online Pauses Early Access Sales in Asia Due to Ongoing Latency Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured Online entered Early Access via Steam back on September 15th, and for most regions, things seem to be going well. The team continues making changes and adding features, most recently adding World Events. Yet, due to continued feedback from Asian customers about latency issues making the game tough to play, the team has decided to temporarily pause sales in Asia.

This move comes as the team acknowledges that with MMOs comes an expectation that (in general), the game will be playable most of the time. While this is an Early Access release and all of the expectations should take that into account, it seems that the latency issues affecting Asian players were just too much to potentially keep adding onto.

They do intend to resolve things, but at this time, “we do not have the resources right now to provide the necessary solution”, so pausing sales is their chosen approach. Pausing sales does not resolve the issues, but it does give the team some breathing room, “until we can provide a better service to our Asian players”.  Current Asian players can continue to play on the existing servers, as the pause in sales only means sales made going forward.

Yet if the game hasn't been playable for them, this may just have the same issues. It does seem that Gamigo does want to provide a better solution. It will take time to get that up and running. however.

Fractured Online is still in active development with a roadmap that aims for a release this upcoming winter. As it is October, and the Demon race has not yet been added (and is targeted for late in the year), it would make some sense if keeping development pace was a factor in the pause in adding more Asian players right now.

Read the official announcement at Fractured Online.


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