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Fractured Online Makes Cities Harder to Conquer After Feedback They Were Too Punishing

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Fractured Online has a brand new update that opens the full Aerhen map and incorporates community feedback on city conquests, which return in a rework that intends to make conquering cities much harder than before. With this, there’s a new system for cities called Loyalty.

Aehern’s northern continent is live with its own points of interest pins to guide exploration. When you uncover these 40 points of interest, you’ll be able to earn Knowledge points for your work.

The centerpiece of this update, however, is the return of city conquests and the new loyalty system. Conquering cities has been a major part of the development plan, but Community feedback was very strong in noting that losing a city was so punishing that it was even demoralizing for some players, leading some to quit. The Fractured Online team has worked on potential solutions and now conquests are harder, but also more layered.

Loyalty is a new system and every city has a loyalty counter that ranges from 0% to100%. When a city is claimed or conquered, that counter will be at 100% and cities will passively generate 1% loyalty per six hours. If your city’s loyalty meter drops, you'll have to get it back up to 80% in order to try to take over another city. If you are successful in your conquest you can take control of the city once you've lowered its loyalty to 0. 

There are ways to gain loyalty as well as lose it, and this is where things get layered and more strategic. Some of the other changes are to what happened after a siege. 

And after a city has been conquered, it can't be claimed and mediately by those who won. Defenders will have 48 hours  to vacate the city and remove their goods. They can't destroy anything or change any buildings, but at least they won't lose everything instantly.

For the patch notes, as well as full info on Loyalty, and other changes, head to Fractured Online.


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