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Fractured Online Is Now Available On Steam Early Access, Wildfolk Race Released Today

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Gamigo and Dynamight's isometric MMORPG, Fractured Online, has now been released on Steam in Early Access, bringing the MMO to a new platform. Before, Fractured Online was only available in its beta form on the Glyph launcher, gamigo's own platform.

Fractured Online started its life as a Kickstarted MMO, meeting its funding goal back in July of 2018. Since then, the development team at Dynamight Studios has been working on the isometric PvP-centric MMO, bringing in Gamigo to publish it late last year. Alpha and beta tests have been held throughout the years, so with the Early Access launch, Dynamight opens things up to a wider group of testers eager to get their hands on MMO.

Also launching today with Fractured Online's Early Access is the much anticipated Wildfolk update. Gamigo detailed the Wildfolk a little bit in a feature last week, such as the fact that the new Wildfolk have an affinity towards druid magic thanks to their bond with nature. Additionally, the Wildfolk bring with them their planet of Arboreus, a place of lush vegetation and, what Dynamight calls "raw, primal energy."

Seasons are also added with the new update and intro into Early Access, bringing guild members a new way to receive prizes and more. 

"In addition to the inclusion of a new planet and race, the Steam Early Access launch marks another major milestone: Seasons. Members of a guild will be able to fulfill certain in-game actions to receive Season Points for their group. Each point brings a guild one step closer to the top of the leaderboards. The guild standing at the top will earn unique prizes that offer a number of bonuses, including City Relics capable of generating special buffs."

Fractured Online's Early Access is but a stepping stone to the MMO's full launch, according to Dynamight CEO Jacopo Gallelli. By opening up the MMO's access to more players on more distribution platforms, Gallelli hopes to cultivate more feed back to help get the MMO into launch shape down the road.

We recently had a chance to check out Fractured Online at Gamescom last month, calling it an "interesting blend of survival sandbox and MMORPG.". Fractured Online is available on Steam via Founder's Packs, with multiple versions ranging from $25.99 up to $129.99, each one conferring more digital goods onto the player based on the level of Founder's Pack chosen, including VIP access.


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