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Fractured Online Is Hosting A Free Weekend Starting September 2nd

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are gearing up for Fractured Online's Early Access launch next month, and will be hosting a free weekend leading up to it at the start of September. 

Touting itself as the "first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG," Fractured Online's free weekend starts on September 2nd and aims to give players a chance to check it out for themselves before its September 15th Early Access release.

Gamigo states that for the free weekend, both the Humans and Wildfolk will be playable, and will be able to check out the new systems added over the last few months such as the Weather & Temperature system, and competitive Seasons.

Dynamight Studios is also planning on bringing another race later this year to Fractured Online, the Demons.

"For the free weekend, both Humans and the Wildfolk will be available to play, but they won’t be the only races at launch. The PVP-focused Demons and their respective world will surely terrorize all living creatures foolish enough to cross their path when they’re released later this year. "

Players will need to log in using the Glyph launcher, but once in they'll have unfettered access to the MMO during the free weekend. The access starts at 10am ET on September 2nd and runs through the same time on September 5th. Recently, Dynamight Studios gave players a look at how they use in-house tools to make continents, specifically showing off the new continent Terra coming to Fractured. And, just as a reminder, while you'll be able to make some progress during the free weekend, once Fractured Online launches into Early Access on September 15th, it will be subject to a server wipe.


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