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Fractured Online Glyph Migration Will Happen Next Week, With Changes to Prepare for Closed Beta

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Fractured Online team is preparing for closed beta by announcing that the beginning of Glyph account migration will happen next week. This step is one of the last in completing the transfer of operations and user data to Gamigo for publishing purposes. 

The Glyph transfer will allow for user data from those that confirmed their consent to the transfer to move to Gamigo’s Glyph system.  Also in the process beginning next week will be updates to the website, including content, store, forum, the Foundation system, and less visible elements. As a result of these changes, the Foundation system will also be paused for some time, with bonuses and progress already made kept for the future.

This will also open the doors eventually to the 24/7 Fractured Online beta when that opens up. There’s no date on that yet but this step moves everyone closer to testing out the game and its layered and intricate systems. When beta begins, it will also offer a taste of what choices you’ll want to make in the final release.

If you’re someone who is registered for the site and the forum community now but did not buy a Founder’s Pack, those are still going to be available if you do want beta access. you’ll need a Glyph account, whether you register a new one or decide to get a pack later once all things Fractured Online have been fully migrated over.

The team promises even more details will come on this process next week, including a FAQ to get community questions answered. Since things have been a little bit on the quiet side with regards to the various reveals the team has made this year, next week just might start opening things up again, especially if this means closed beta information will be on the way.

Fractured Online’s 2022 roadmap did mention testing in early 2022. With an alpha weekend last month, closed beta news would make sense, especially if the targeted “late 2022” launch is still in the cards.


Christina Gonzalez

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