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Fractured Online Fixes Some Major Siege Glitches, Makes Some Balance Tweaks and Imrovements

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The Fractured Online team has a brand new patch, one that is concentrated on fixing bugs and quality-of-life features, with some significant changes to sieges. This patch that is live today is the first in the next few days, with a much bigger patch on the way.

Today’s patch fixes a glitch that would happen when many players were connected and operations wouldn't work when a siege started. There's also a change that moves players to the closest claimed city that isn't under siege instead of being moved outside of a city that is currently under siege. This should keep players safer and follows prior changes that address what to do with those who aren’t taking part when a siege breaks out around them.

Other bug fixes include walls correctly taking damage, making carts and wagons non-interactable during sieges, and fixing it so that the intended protection for attackers and defenders works as intended in siege tents and the town hall.

Players will also no longer be able to sneak through closed doors during a siege. Calculated surprise attacks are a good thing, but not slipping through a closed door unintentionally.  A legitimate change to Stealth in this patch will make sure that players are no longer visible and semi-transparent to players who aren't in their party. They will be semi-transparent for one second after they cast a spell, as intended.

Other changes, like making it so you can't interact with a cart while a siege is going on should make targeting clearer. On Arboreus, some changes to colliders for decorative plants should also make targeting small monsters easier. 

There are some small balance changes like Bleed, which will now last for 25 seconds at 100 Stacks instead of 50 seconds. There's also a tweak to Warm and Chilled states, which will now lose stacks at a slightly slowed down rate to help server performance.

Read the full patch notes over at Fractured Online.


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