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Fractured Online Fixes Dupe Exploit and Several Other Issues, Including Some Instability Bugs

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Fractured Online got a couple of important patches to help with some issues following the Early Access launch late last week. One of the issues involved a major exploit that was fixed during some sudden downtime earlier today.

Early Access opened up on Thursday, and added the new Wildfolk race and their home planet of Arboreus, along with other changes. This weekend, there was a patch on Sunday to fix some issues where the service wasn't loading for players and causing additional issues like being unable to invite people to guilds or not being able to see global chat or messages that you sent. The team addressed these instability issues, as well as fixing other bugs like problems with horses on Terra, which weren't spawning as intended, and adding mineral deposits on Aehern because they were accidentally left out of the build. They’ve since confirmed the systems are stable.

Of course, these types of housekeeping patches after release or Early Access launch are common, so that's not too surprising. The dupe bug, however, was why if you tried to login to the game today, there was a downtime notice. Players who initially found the bug didn't report it, and some did take advantage of the exploit. However, the fix today patched up the issue and action has been taken against those who decided to use the bug to their advantage. Dynamight has also removed any duped gold from the economy.

Since they were addressing the major exploit, they took the time to also fix a couple of other issues,  including making in-game attribute respecs work correctly, and stop making players lose attributes, and making the marketplaces on Terra functional.

The game is still in development, and this is Early Access, so expect ongoing work. You can read the full patch notes over at Fractured Online.


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