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Fractured Online Expands Aehern, Adds New Resources, and Re-Enables City Raids

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The closed beta for Fractured Online continues, and this week the Dynamight Studios team adds some more content, expanding Aehern with the new Dawn Island, along with its new resources. The update also upgrades mage staves and re-enables city raids. Dawn Island Is described as the most central location of the continent. You'll be able to explore the area, which is filled with Crystal Elementals. From those Elementals, you'll be able to get several new abilities, Crystalline Skin, Crystalline Touch, Crystal Shackles, and Primal Storm. If you are able to get those abilities from taking on the Elementals, you'll have some new skills that you can use to tweak your build. 

Opening up this area also brings two new resource types, Sulfurite and Platinum. These resources are only found on Aehern but weren’t available until now. Another change in this update, with the addition of the new territory, is a revamped minimap, designed in a more stylized cartoonish look. This includes the new skull corpse marker on the map. The minimap design format was done to enhance exploration so you should be able to identify roads, cliffs or other features of the terrain more easily. The team wants feedback on this because if it's a successful addition, they could do this for Myr too.

They’ve updated Mage staves, giving them both new visual and sound effects, as well as functional overhauls. In fact, More than 20 abilities have gotten new sound effects. In the effort to make mages more competitive, each staff, except for the Primitive Staff will now come with a unique property. The Poison Staff now has a +5 Poison stacks per hit, while Energy Staff applies a 15% cooldown reduction.

Finally, raids are back. A city can launch a raid against another city on the same continent, regardless of whether they are neighbors. If you challenge another city, you might earn the chance at gold and food spoils from the losing city if you win.  

For more, see the notes at Fractured Online.


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