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Fractured Online Dev Talks Return With An In-Depth Look at Updates Since Beta Launch

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Fractured Online has the first new entry in its dev talk series and Dynamight Studios’ Jacopo Pietro Gallelli discusses the major changes that the team has made since beta, including everything before the recent Seasons update. This includes city changes, conquests, balance, and much more.

Since the start of closed beta, there have been many practical updates, including tons of bug fixes after the server first opened 24/7 service, and some of the biggest changes came in features like the weather system and expansion of the world, but this new video defers to the blogs and extensive overviews already posted about those systems in favor of discussing more recent changes like the return of city conquests, changes on how cities work, balance tweaks, and the impact of community feedback.

Gallelli opens the video demonstrating the protected zones that were added by harbors and the reasons why they added some protected zones. Beyond this was an overview of the way cities now work. Those who run cities can now set different rates for citizens and non-citizens, as well as guild allies.

Other updates include balance and quality of life updates, including some reworks to implementing community requests like adding in the ability to loot multiple mobs at once. They also made some significant balance changes after seeing how certain builds became the viable ones, as too often happens. 

If you haven’t kept up with the in-depth patch details, but might want to know just what has changed in the game over the past two months or so, this is a good place to start, since the full video takes us through everything in detail. He discusses how they added additional ways for players to have more control over how their cities operate, and the role that feedback played in reintroducing and opening up city conquests with some new rules.

Even if you have kept up with Fractured Online or even played the closed beta, this dev talk is a return to the in-depth details that Dynamight caught attention for from early on.


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