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Fractured Online Closed Beta Begins on April 6th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured Online’s closed beta will begin next Wednesday, April 6th. 

The beta date announcement was accompanied by a new developer diary video, “ What is Fractured Online and Why You Should Play It”, which will catch anyone unfamiliar with Fractured Online up to speed. For those who have been paying attention to the number of significant reveals this year so far, the video is a good refresher, and is the first in a planned series.

Closed beta will feature the recently revealed continent of Aerhen, which is a mostly Human land, and let players test themselves in the mountainous and freezing lands that feature lots of opportunity and lots of danger. If you’re looking for some challenges then the mammoths, wolves, Jotunns, and Elementals  might also give them to you if the weather isn’t enough to stop you. 

The closed beta means 24/7 servers , and those with access will be able to jump in at any time. Access to the beta requires purchasing a Founder's Pack, which will let you into beta and any future phases, including the final launch. Founders Packs come at various pricing tiers and discounts.  

Since it is a closed beta test, expect the developers to start testing new features, changes, and to adjust what they have so far based on getting more players in the game and having more community feedback and data.

If you participated in any previous tests, like the Alpha Weekend, all character data will be wiped before the closed beta opens. And all beta data will be wiped before the final launch, whenever that is set.

The beginning of closed beta also lifts any restrictions on streaming, so we should expect to see more from Fractured Online pretty soon.

You can read the full closed beta announcement over at Fractured Online.


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