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Fractured Online Back Online Today For Relaunch Test After Nearly Half A Year In Limbo

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Fractured Online is finally back online after being in publishing limbo for the past six months. The early access MMO relaunched this morning with Dynamight Studios in full control over the MMO after a rather public split from former publisher, Gamigo.

Dynamight Studios has relaunched (sort of) the early access MMO after six months of closed development since the split from Gamigo, which saw the developer retake its website, data and more. This is less a full relaunch and more of a test, according to the Dynamight team, as they work towards that full, stable launch.

Stability is a question for sure as the team almost immediately ran into log-in issues this morning, something the studio is aware of and is working on fixing. The team temporarily suspended logins this morning, though it did reopen them a few hours later. However, the team stresses on its official Discord that this is not a stable fix, but more of a stopgap on the way towards a "permanent solution."

Dynamight Discord

Fractured Online's test right now features a ton of changes for players who might have experienced the early access MMO under Gamigo. From a top-to-bottom revamp in character progression to a new system called the Journey System to help with achievements and quests, there's plenty to dive into.

Keep in mind too, if you purchased the game previously on Glyph or Steam, you'll want to transfer your data to access Dynamight's version of the MMO. Though don't get too comfortable with your characters, though, as the team stressed last week that there will be a full wipe after this.


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