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Fractured Online Aiming For Release in Late 2022, and More from the Dynamight-Gamigo Q&A

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured Online’s recently announced publishing deal with Gamigo (and name change) was followed by a special Q&A stream this weekend on Gamigo’s Twitch channel. In the stream, Dynamite CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli answered community questions and gave the Fractured Online target release and new testing windows as well.

The questions asked by the community ranged from what a publishing deal with Gamigo means for development and release, and one of the biggest impacts is that the team will be able to grow and keep working towards a now-known target of “late 2022” release window. This is just a goal for now, but Gallelli is hopeful that the new deal means getting things out the door for that time, earlier than some had anticipated. Already, they have gotten about 4-5000 new accounts since the announcement to the stream date three days later. 

Other questions answered covered if Dynamight retains creative control and control over the IP (the company will, and would continue to do so should there be any need to close the contract), if the game will see a faster release with Gamigo’s support and questions about monetization. Both Dynamight and Gamigo will have a say but Dynamight’s creative control also extends to the types of monetization and financial models that will work in the game to not make it pay to win or try to cram in models that just don’t fit. 

Gamigo announcing a deal to publish a game under development and not just a direct license is different, but 2022 is looking like a big year for this partnership. The next testing phase will still happen as planned in early 2022, with beta in the first half of the year. These are tentative, but the team is looking forward to a lot happening next year. 

For the full Q&A, you can watch the stream here


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