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Fractured Online Adds World Events to Terra and Aehern, With Promise of More to Come

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fractured Online has a new update today that brings world events  to Aehern and Terra and fixes a number of bugs.

World events are now available, and you'll be able to find and take on the camps, and challenge the enemies that are guarding a test. There are different types of groups involved in guarding these chests, but if you are successful and you are able to slay them, the loot is yours. This update introduces four event types to Terra and two  to Aehern. 

Terra gets Grokotons, Bandits, Termidians, and Druidic Ogres during this first round. Aehern has Goblins and Bandits. Developers explained in the patch knows that this is just the start and that they are aware that the feature in Aehern isn't on par with the other continents, however more are on the way. 

First, they are looking to improve the Jotunn Mountains. The plan is that they are reworking this area to turn the mountains into a point of interest as with the Ogres of Myr and Terra. It will take some time, but when it's done, they will have additional world events with the Jotunns populating the north of the continent. For now, though, the new feature will leave the northern part of Aehern a bit bare of this type of treasure hunt for the time being.

Other changes in this update are a series of bug fixes. Some of the more critical bugs, like an issue that was causing spells and attacks to fail if you cast them while you were moving, is fixed in this patch. Additionally, players that died during a siege will not respond in the same place they died. This was a frustrating issue for obvious reasons. Additionally, “The Termidian Matron no longer spawns dead” is another good fix.

Read the full patch notes over at Fractured Online.


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