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Fractured Online Adds Weather System, a Crafting Tax and Fee System, and Makes Harbors Safe Spawn Areas

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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A new patch for Fractured Online adds in the weather system that was promised recently, adds safe zones around harbors, a crafting fees and taxes system, and fixes a bunch of bugs (since it is closed beta after all).

The weather system will add extra layers to your strategizing, and pair with the recent addition of the temperature system that will reflect where you are in the world, the time, and of course, the weather. Weather systems can occur and you will notice clouds that will spawn in different zones. These clouds will precede a specific weather event, and factors here will include precipitation, wind, temperature variation impacted by the weather, and effects like lightning all within the circular zone. Things will be less intense towards the edges of the border and more intense near the center of the cloud.

After that danger, there's also a safe area near harbors. Players will no longer be able to camp harbors because the areas will now have a PVP free zone up to 50m from the office building. You'll be able to see where the safety zone ends with a particle effect.

Also in this update is a new system that introduces crafting fees and taxes. It is a gold sink at its core but it also gives you some opportunities. If you craft from your own inventory menu, there will be no fees but all of the items you craft will be of Poor quality. If you craft a crafting station in your home or in a city there will be a base fee in gold and potentially a tax to the city. City governors can set tax at a percentage of the base crafting rate. This can be as low as 0% or as high as 100% of the fee  you can set different rates for citizens of your city, residents of the region, or foreigners.

You can see the full notes, including bug fixes and  other details on the new tax system over at Fractured Online.


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