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Fractured MMO Recaps Third Stress Test

Good and Bad

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Fractured team have wrapped up their third stress test and posted their findings, both good and bad.

Note that the team has shared a survey on the May Open Playtest. If you participated and have a few minutes, fill it out as that feedback is important for the team as they continue to develop and refine the gameplay.

As for what went well, it looks like a number of things held up. For one, the starting areas held their own with respect to the number of players within, versus the creatures and tasks required to complete. There were only a few small issues that the team identified.

Additionally, the stress test pointed to greater interest in the game, along with better retention, and no land grab. However, just as there were some good findings, there were also some bad takeaways. For one, there was poor PvP balancing identified. To that end, the team will release changes to crit damage, existing abilities, and introduce new spells.

There were also framerate drops which obviously adversely affect performance, in addition to some players complaining of progression being too fast. The team will look into both of these. As to what’s next, it looks like Alpha 2 – Test 3 is set to bring player cities, but this may be delayed,

“Our intention was for A2-T3 to start at the end of this month (June), but we’re not sure we’re going to be able to stick to the plan. This annoying delay is due to a few quirks that are making the implementation of player cities more complex than expected. If not June, it will be early July though, so stay tuned because the announcement is coming soon, and a few other surprises are also in store!”


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