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Fractured Interview Sheds Details on Player Cities, PvP, and More

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent live stream with YouTuber Morrolan, Dynamight Studios CEO Jacopo Gallelli sat down for a lengthy interview touching a range of topics from mechanics, to the various systems involved in Fractured.

The video itself (embedded below) is time stamped should you want to jump to a specific topic of interest. One of those topics was player towns. It sounds like cities will level up using a talent tree of sorts. Cities will also need to meet a citizen requirement. There will be maintenance costs associated as well, which means that players who run alts may find it difficult if they want to actually own several different locations.

Additionally, there will be an alliance system of sorts. This will allow various guilds to team up for purposes of resource control. Furthermore, guilds can lay siege to a city should they wish to capture it. Speaking of PvP, yes, Fractured will include a justice system. The game can mark you as a thief should you be caught stealing, and being “marked” can bring some penalties down upon you. Note that the specifics of these penalties are unknown at this time, but they’re meant to discourage griefing.

The interview also touched on the viability of solo play, trading, banking, map design, hunger, environmental effects, crafting, boss abilities, and much more. You can watch the whole thing below:


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