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Fractured Fall Alpha Live With 40 New Abilities, PvE Changes, and New Enemies

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The fall alpha in Fractured is now available to get in and test out. After rebalancing weapons and armor, this update brings a huge number of changes, most related to the PvE experience.

The fall alpha is live now for those who have access. There's a very thorough developer demo video going over the changes in the update, showing the UI, and among other things, introducing the over 40 new abilities added. There's even a section going over all of the ability names too for those curious what's been added. Lightning Strike, Protection from Acid, burning and chilling arrows, and a number of mobility and sophisticated abilities are included. 

In demonstrating Lightning Rush, which is a mobility spell, the demo character had 12 points of intelligence, enabling two charges, but with leveling, one could max that to four charges and do this powerful rush forth up to four times in a row.

There's also a new spell school called Leadership, which features skills that used to be under Warfare, but in working on the game, they determined that Leadership, which is based on charisma, was the way to go for a focus on buffing your allies. In other words, there's a new support option. 

The number of points of interest on the map have also increased, with some changes ripe for exploration. And maybe a few goblins or bandits to tussle with. Speaking of bandits, the demo featured the dev team getting into battle with the bandits and showing off another fight with the ogre villages. Don't expect things to go easily, but the new abilities are on display to at least show how it all looks. Meeting up with the sea trolls is the final chapter, casting many spells and upping the damage. 

Clearly, the development on Fractured a lot in the works and already included in the latest alpha. There are lots of other changes to expect if you go ahead and try out the alpha build. For more on getting access or about the game itself, check out the Fractured site.



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