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Fractured Fall Alpha Begins September 22 With Major Changes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Sandbox MMORPG Fractured will hold a three week fall alpha testing phase starting next week. The new build introduces new abilities, events, and other major changes including an overhaul of equipment progression.

With Fractured in development after its Kickstarter campaign, the player feedback side has always mattered. The fall alpha begins on September 22nd, and will end on October 13th. Dynamight Studios is looking for player feedback on a number of new features and changes. Among the additions to the build for this alpha are new abilities, dynamic world events, PvP sieges, some new points of interest, 20+ monsters, the introduction of treasure chests and lockpicking, an expansion of equipment and crafting, changes to the in-game marketplace, and big changes to character progression.

The equipment progression overhaul is a significant one, and one you'll find changes in early. For an in-depth look at armor and weapon rebalancing, as well as what to expect in this alpha when they're introduced, the recent dev diary video will get you up to speed. Since Fractured emphasizes choices, there aren't strictly defined classes but previously, you'd have the choice to craft hide armor or scholar clothes early on. This is replaced by something called Commoner's Clothes and Scholar's Clothes or the new Assassin's Clothes if you're a character who prefers light armor. There's a new category of medium armor, which includes the leather armor (which used to be light) and subsequent progression. Heavy armor is also now in, with mail. Weapon rebalancing is also going to be included, with changes to how the weapons' damage and stats are calculated. 

Alignment is entirely up to you but it will affect how you experience the world, with both privileges and constraints. Good aligned? You can only attack and kill Evil aligned, and you will only drop 1-2 equipment pieces on death and your full inventory. Evil aligned? Well, you'll have a karma loss if you attack anyone not Evil, lose everything you have equipped on death, and will now lo longer be able to use any city services like banks and marketplaces except if they're in your home city or a Lawless one. Evil alignment is now for those who don't mind a little PK action and want to be hostile whenever they want to be, kill, steal from, and otherwise not be bound. Because some players want to engage in some grayer actions without being fully Evil, there is a new alignment - Neutral. Neutral aligned? You can kill Evil or Neutral players, and are the only one who can summon Legends. They drop 3-4 equipment pieces on death and their inventory. 

For more on this huge update and to sign up for the alpha test, check out the Fractured site 


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