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Fractured Announces Live Q&A for January 31

Plus teases what's next

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The team behind Fractured have announced a live Q&A on January 31, in addition to teasing what’s next for the game.

The second update on the Winter Alpha, which is embedded below, touched on taxation and nation-building. This was, as stated by the team, a “small portion” of the news for the game. As a result, they’ve announced a live Q&A for this Sunday, January 31 at 12p ET. You can check out the Q&A on the official Twitch channel.

The team also teased what’s next for the game. These topics will be covered in future spotlights and include:

  • City raids and conquests;
  • The creation of nations;
  • The Tech Tree, the core of city progression;
  • The new city ranking and maintenance systems;
  • The city marketplace;

Recently, the team had opened up a free test weekend late last month for players to jump and experience the game thus far. This test followed a slight delay due to unforeseen medical issues on the staff.


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