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Fractured AMA Discusses Price and Future Testing

Plus much more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent AMA for upcoming SpatialOS MMO, Fractured, was held over on the Reddit where things like pricing and upcoming tests were discussed.

The next test is actually called the Fall Alpha 2020 and is set to begin in October. If you want access, you’ll have to purchase a Legend Pack (or higher) on their store. As we reported, the pricing for these packs actually reduced recently if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Given this, some may wonder about a date for an open beta. To that end, a developer responded,

“The game is B2P, so there won't be an "open beta" as in "free to play". We're eventually going to reach a point where game servers are up 24/7 instead of only during testing phases. That's going to be in second half of 2021 most likely. Even current alpha tests run for a long time though, 1 month or even more, and everyone can buy access to them! :)”

Things like trade, taming, personal and city specialization with respect to crafting, and much more were discussed. For example, in the future, Governors can create custom roles for players with specific powers. They can then assign them to citizens.

Be sure to check out the full AMA for everything discussed.


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