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Foxbat Takes Over Champions Online's Last Week Of Anniversary

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Champions Online's anniversary event has been ongoing for a few weeks now, and the final week sees the villain Foxbat take over the celebration.

The celebration of 10 years of Champions Online winds down this week with Foxbat returning to the fray, but exactly what he's doing there is unknown.

It's the final week of our 10th Anniversary, and Foxbat just couldn't leave well enough alone. The dastardly villain has returned and taken over the Anniversary Celebration - there's even reports that he's hacked the signal inside Sapphire's Anniversary Party! What could it all mean? You'll have to participate in our final week of the Anniversary Celebration to find out, Champions. Your log in reward this week will be a retro action figure of Foxbat himself!

Be sure to log in this week of the anniversary event to take part in stopping Foxbat's plans as he aims to disrupt the final week of the anniversary. It's been a heck of a month for Champions Online and its players, with costume parties and more celebrating ten years of defending Millenium City. Be sure to check out the full post regarding the event on the Champions Online site.


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