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Forum Discussion: What’s The Best Necro Class In Any MMO?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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What is the best necromancer class in any MMO? This is the discussion going on in our forums right now, so be sure to throw your hat into the ring.

The original post by Zimike presents the question,

“This is simply to get opinions from the community on what MMO's have the best version of the Necromancer Class and why. For me, I always thought two games had the best, Age of Conan and Vanguard. However, I'm interested in seeing what the newer genre(last 10 years or so) of MMO's has to offer.”

So far, quite a few folks have chimed in, with some saying the original Everquest, while others still mentioning Conan.

“Original Everquest and it's not even close.  This was a grouping game but there were a few classes that could solo but the Necro was king.

They did not have to worry about losing faction because they were pretty much KOS to everything.  They had massive utility against undead such as fear, charm, mez.  They had feign death though it was the spell version so not as good as the monks.  Invis and invis to undead, their own mana regen.  Pets, buffs to pets and could give them the steel weapons that were looted.”

It’s a fascinating discussion, so allow me to chime in and suggest that my Necromancer build in ESO is unquestionably the best. Check out the discussion here.


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