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Forum Discussion: Have You Ever Called In Sick For An MMO?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Here’s an interesting question for you: have you ever called in sick to play an MMO?

That’s the discussion going on right now in our forums. OP, NorseGod, posed the following question,

“Who here has called in "sick" to play a MMORPG on release day? When was the last game you've done that? If it's been a long time, does that say anything about the state of genre? Mine was SWG. Yes, I think that says something about the state of the genre.”

Several people have already chimed in, expressing calling in sick for two days for Diablo, while others cite SWTOR.

Still others are actually bosses, literally, and shared this wisdom,

“you guys know that don't work if your boss also follow such things right?

and yes i'm that boss, I don't even call sick when i'm, why I will not go to work just to play a game who will wait for me anyway?”

Chime in here.


Poorna Shankar

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