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Fortnite Saw Over Half a Million Twitch Streamers in May

Still a juggernaut

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fortnite led Twitch in May, with roughly 580,000 streamers streaming the game.

While Fortnite led the month of May, Call of Duty and Valorant took the number 2 and 3 spots, respectively. For example, Call of Duty saw 404,000 streamers, while Valorant saw 385,700 streamers. The stats arrive from Statista, via a press release.

Also included were League of Legends data and Counter Strike: Global Offensive streaming data. These games commanded 232,000 and 200,000 thousand streamers a piece. Perhaps due to the pandemic, the report cites an increase in Twitch viewers for Fortnite,

“In January 2020, the average number of viewers amounted to more than 72 thousand. In the next two months, it rose to over 89 thousand. However, between March and May, the average number of people watching Fornite on Twitch jumped to more than 165 thousand. In comparison, the online battle royale game hit a record in July 2018 with around 205 thousand average Twitch viewers.”

Additionally, there has been an increase in Fornite viewership in general. In January, Twitch viewers spent a total of 53.8 million hours watching Fortnite. This jumped to 66.2 million in March. This continued in April, with 97.1 million total hours.

So there we have it. Fortnite continues to be a juggernaut.


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