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Fortnite Players Can Take Part in an Epic (Pun Intended) Food Fight LTM

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Fortnite has been patched to v6.3 that brings a bunch of big changes to both versions of the game. Battle Royale players will be able to take part in the Food Fight limited time mode and Save the World players will find practically a new game thanks to a plethora of improvements.

For Battle Royale players, check out these new additions:

  • the Mounted Turret that allows players to "strap in" and pepper opponents with fast fire, though there's always the danger of overheating
  • Food Fight LTM - "1 wall, 2 entrees, build your base, wait for the barrier to drop and battle it out". Social media heroes can choose #TeamBurger or #TeamPizza

Battle Royale players can also read about changes about Glider Re-Deploy.

Save the World, hang onto your hats:

  • Homebase UI improvements to make it "easier to understand and navigate" while providing options to grow over time
  • the Command Center tab for a quick overview of your progress and tips about options that open up as the campaign moves on
  • The Major "unlocks your ability to level up and manage your heroes and provides access to defenders, expeditions and your hero loadout"
  • Survivors Screen now features The Director to help manage squads and survivors. There is also an auto-fill option
  • Upgrades is now staffed by Kevin to help out "gaining access to gadgets and other tools"
  • Lars is now in charge of the Research Lab to all players to "spend research points on the F.O.R.T. stats"
  • Clip the weaponsmith now mans the Armory and levels as you progress through the campaign
  • a new Quests tab has been added that allows players to see the rewards and a "Play Now" button
  • A New Player Experience has been improved

Read more about the Save the World changes at the link above and the full update notes on the Fortnite site.


Suzie Ford

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