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Fortnite Player Builds MMO-Style Raid Boss In Creative Mode

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Fortnite's creative mode is a playground for players who want to flex those creative muscles. And one player did just that, building a full MMO-style raid boss for Fortnite players to tackle.

Creative mode gives tools for players to create their own environments and more in Fortnite, and one player, Creator Sigirs, took that to the next level. Dubbed the "Doomsday" encounter, the boss battle map uploaded to Fortnite last week brings a Final Fantasy XIV-style raid boss to the battle royale, with players able to take the roles of Assault, Support and Vanguard to combat the challenge.

The encounter allows for a total of six players to take down an armor-clad diety named "A-283 - 'The god of exiles,'" whose moveset encompasses many, many AOE attacks. Twitter user Mlick, posted a video of the battle while playing solo, as well as recorded the first Doomsday raid clear with their group for posterity.

Speaking with Kotaku about the encounter, the creator Sigirs apparently is an indie games maker from Japan. Building off their skills with Unreal Engine in their freelance work, the boss battle map took about a month to create. 

Using a mix of tools such as Blender to create the boss model and animations, while they used the Unreal Editor for Fortnite to implement effects, the Good of Exiles was created. Sigirs in the exchange with Kotaku credits "solo test playing" as part of the reason why the difficulty was so punishing, and while FFXIV was an inspiration, it wasn't the only one.

"I’ve played a lot of FFXIV and have dabbled in Destiny 2,” Sigirs told Kotaku. “I love the feeling of cooperating with friends in raids. I’ve also seen such raid battles in [user-generated content] like VRChat and Roblox. I thought that people would appreciate having such serious PvE in Fortnite, so I’m really happy that many people get to see my content! I’ve come up with various genre ideas, and I want to keep creating maps in the future—including a sequel to this raid battle."


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