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Former Mythic and BioWare Devs Start New Studio Loric Games to Tell Richer Stories in Online Survival RPGs

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New studio Loric Games, founded by some former Mythic Entertainment and BioWare devs, has just gotten a round of funding from Hiro Capital to work on its mission to “bring rich storytelling to online survival RPGs”.

Founded by Mythic Entertainment veteran devs Brian Johnson, Ray Soto, and the co-founder of Mythic, Rob Denton, Loric is at work on its first title. There are no details just yet, as details will be revealed sometime in 2023. Yet, in a release about the investment and introduction to the studio, the goals behind the company’s philosophy and approach are made clear.

According to Loric’s CEO, Johnson, online survival RPGs have some great elements but the story could have so much more potential:

“We're building a game that's more than just eating berries, punching trees, and building thatch huts. We all love playing games with heroic stories. Through our long history of developing games, we've bought into the idea that good storytelling can set a game apart. The survival experience can be much more impactful with the right blend of story and open-world gameplay mechanics."

The three co-founders have worked together on titles like Mythic’s classic, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ultima Online, and Warhammer Online, so these guys do know a little something about epic online games and story. 

With this announcement also comes the news that the studio is looking to hire additional team members to work on this first project. 

When it comes to the co-op survival genre, there are a number of games that do well with it, but Loric is looking to ground all that in making the narrative part compelling and add depth. 

For more on the company, and for future updates on the yet-unrevealed first project, head over to the Loric Games site.


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