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Forgotten Nightmares, Diablo Immortal's First Major Content Update Is Coming Next Week

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Diablo Immortal is getting its first major update since release, Forgotten Nightmares, which will be out next week on September 27th/28th, depending on territory, with some of this content coming over the next few weeks. Expect a brand new dungeon,  an overhaul to Warbands, including new game modes. The update also sets the stage for Season 5, a new Helliquary boss on the way, new Battle Pass season, events, and changes to Eternal Orbs pricing.

There have been some Seasons already, minor updates and additions, Battle Pass and events, but here's where the first huge content drop begins.

The new dungeon, Silent Monastery, is a dark place. If you’re level 60+, you can head over in groups of 2-4 and try to find ways to illuminate some of the temple's statues in order to weaken the demons in the shadows and guard your passage. Keep working on slaying the demons and lighting more statues to get rid of the darkness and head into the interior of the temple to face the Ancient Nightmare. This will be a test, unleashing shadow blasts and spike attacks, but if you do beat it, expect to be rewarded.

The Diablo Immortal team is also overhauling Warbands in a big way. Castle Cyrangar, located on the outskirts of Westmarch, is the new home for your Warbands and replaces Warband Camps. Adoption of this feature also comes with two new game modes that are replayable, with passive bonuses that you can upgrade as you secure your castle. Expect to slay some monsters.The purpose of all of this is the beginning of how Warbands will function going forward. 

Working from player feedback, they’re trying to make them more rewarding. One way they're doing this is the requirement that you slay monsters with your Warband in order to establish a camp is gone and there's a lower threshold for Warband Helliquary Raids. You used to have to bring 8 players from your Warband now you can bring just for and fill out the rest of the raid with other players. you will still get the Warband rewards for the members while not always having to have eight players ready to go. 

Season 5 will begin on September 29th at 3 a.m. server time and the Scions of the storm battle pass will have 40 ranks of challenges and Rewards. Also coming is the new Helliquary Raid boss: Izilech the Misshapen for those combat level 6175+. If you can defeat this cruel demon, with his  massive bow and flaming arrows, you may walk away with the Wrathborne Crown.

There are several events on the way as well through October, a number of fixes in the updates, and three new types of Legendary Gems. There's also a pricing change on Eternal Orbs. This applies to bundles only. Changes were made after feedback that the initial number of orbs included wasn't enough to buy multiple Legendary Crests.

See the full details over at Diablo Immortal.


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