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Forgotten Gods to Include 9 New Constellations, 5 with New Celestial Powers

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The Grim Dawn site has been updated with the latest Grim Misadventures, this time focused on the Forgotten Gods expansion. In this edition, developers showcase six of the nine constellations within the "Celestial Tapestry" that will be reappearing during the events of the expansion. Nine new constellations will manifest themselves, with five of them having "all new celestial powers".

Today, we turn our eyes to the skies, as a fog is lifted and forgotten constellations shine once more upon the people of Cairn. Great powers stir within the Celestial tapestry, some forgotten, some merely hiding from a celestial conflict that Shattered all they had created. Today, we will look at their lessers, their servants.

The constellations revealed today include Lotus, Mantis, Nighttalon, Scarab, Hyrian, Guardian of the Celestial Gates and Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak.

Check them all out on the Grim Dawn site.


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