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Forestry Part One Going Live in Old School RuneScape on June 28th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week, the Old School RuneScape team decided to cancel the planned beta for the Forestry update as it was launching. With that move, they promised more info on Forestry soon, and have delivered both a launch date for part one and new details in a devblog today.

The first part of the Forestry update will be live on June 28th. As for what happened with the beta, the team is not giving details on why they had to cancel the beta worlds, but they are giving clarification on some of the feedback they received and changes to come. 

With part one releasing June 28th, part two will follow sometime in August. The team held a Forestry Q&A today with lots more info.

The new tree spawn mechanics will arrive in this first part. Trees despawn on a timer that will activate after the first cut and begin to regenerate if players stop cutting the tree before it's fully chopped down. Those timers are set based on a number of factors, including current time each tree type lasts, and current experience gain. Forestry will also bring the two-handed axe, which will be an upgrade option for a number of other axes.

The invisible bonus for woodcutting will work by having players cut the same trees (with a few clear exceptions), with a minimum of two and max of 10, good for a +1 bonus for each player actively chopping. This invisible bonus can also stack with visible bonuses that you might have. The team is also looking to have woodcutting-focused worlds in case you really want to take advantage of this invisible bonus more often. 

When you cut a tree with a Forestry Kit, there is a chance for an event to spawn that everyone can participate in. Solo players might spawn four or five events per hour while a group of 10 might spawn seven to nine events per hour. There are ways to even gain bonuses from the events that do spawn.

They’ve moved a few things into part two to give them some more development time. Jagex will offer more community consultation and feedback opportunities to refine things like campfires, tea brewing, rewards, and bonuses.

“We can't help but agree that the original tertiary effects don't reflect the content they are coming from, and so we've brainstormed some brand new ones that match the 'chill and chop' vibe we're going for.”

With today's Q&A stream, there's already more info to chew over, and the team will continue updating until the first part is out. 


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