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Following Ashes of Creation's Pretest, Steven Sharif Talks Potentially Opening up Alpha 1 Sales Again

A Pretest to the Pretest to the Alpha Test

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Intrepid Studios ran a 4-day pretest last week for Ashes of Creation where thousands of players took part in testing the game in a limited capacity ahead of the Alpha 1 test that is planned for April. Creative Director Steven Sharif popped into the forums to talk about whether Alpha 1 access will be purchasable again, and why the Alpha Pretest was important in that decision.

The 4-day test allowed for players to explore a small portion of the map, with only three available classes. Players were also able to test character progression up to level 10. A level 10 boss-fight was also released by Intrepid to show off the Alpha 1 Pretest build.

With more information on the way, and more pretesting events planned, including the next one scheduled for February, players are wondering whether Alpha 1 sales will open up again. According to Steven Sharif, that is a possibility, and the Pretest is a big factor that plays into opening up additional sales.

“One of the main reasons for evaluating the pretests prior to opening up A1 sales again was to see the stability of the multi server selection code, and how our individual server deployments held up. That, along with our world concurrency and individual server performances did indeed hold up to our expectation, and gives me the first green light for consideration of opening future sales. You can expect more info on this during January ??”

- Steven Sharif

January is not that far away, and fans of Ashes of Creation that hope to get into the Alpha in April may just get their chance. Recently Intrepid showed off their Mage Class as they continue to flesh out the game as it makes progress through its alpha phases.


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