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Followers Getting Rebalanced Along With Progression in Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery

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The Age of Sorcery is approaching for Conan Exiles, and there’s some new info on the role of followers, which are getting an overhaul and rebalance for the new content.

When it comes to followers, expect new features, improvements, new followers that  you can unlock through sorcery (if you choose to go down that path), as well as perks and attributes and other features.  Followers are getting overhauled and rebalanced, so you will be able to make new choices in 3.0. Some of what you will have access to depends on whether or not you choose to go down the path of Sorcery. Other possibilities include using the new perks and attributes systems to become a leader who can send loyal followers into battle. Maybe they’re your loyal warriors. Maybe they’re undead. It’s up to you and how you decide to play.

In Age of Sorcery, expect followers to have lower health and damage as a baseline in an effort to rebalance them, and let you control how to use them and whether to boost your followers. If you’re a current player and don’t have any followers, those who do might make you feel that you’re at a disadvantage. This is part of the reasoning for the overhaul. Because they are reducing their initial stats they will be releasing something to increase survivability after 3.0 arrives. The lower baseline stats don’t give too much of an advantage but you can invest in your followers to boost them and reap the benefits. 

One of the new attributes coming in the update is called Authority.  if you decide to invest points in Authority you increase the damage that your followers deal and your ability to take humans as thralls–if you choose to–also goes up. As with other attributes you can also choose to corrupt it. One perk that you may take advantage of is called Demon Lord, which gives you a chance to summon a demonic follower through a tear in reality to help you take down your enemies on every hit you land.

There’s a lot more to learn, including what demonic and undead followers can bring to the table. They are pretty powerful and have special perks and come with their own pros and cons, but if you are already choosing to go down the path of Corruption, this may be a cost you are willing to pay.

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