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Flyff Universe Reaches 800,000 Players on Global Launch, Summer Roadmap Revealed

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Flyff Universe, an updated reimagining and followup to the classic game (with play to earn elements coming) , has reached 800,000 players since its global launch. Now, Gala Lab and Sniegu Technologies have released a summer roadmap for the MMORPG with remade maps, Volkane Dungeon, and lots of pet updates to come.

The summer roadmap has  a video preview, and the first planned part includes the addition of the Azria continent in a fully remade map of the location. Along with the new continent, there will be new quests, new music, an endgame level cap increase, new blizzard weather effect and more.

The Volkane Dungeon will also be added with a remade map of its own, also adding new quests and music. With this update also comes a brand new boss, the Red Meteonyker. New graphical improvements like ash weather affect and lava pools will be added in this update and there will be new Bloody equipment.

Finally, the third part of the roadmap concerns the new raised pet system. There will be seven new stat pets, a new pet skin system, harvesting, and a new pet candy crafting system. If you’re a player that loves acquiring adorable new pets, this is the update you’ll be looking for.

If you played the original Flyff,  certain elements will undoubtedly be familiar. Players can travel across the continent of Madrigal and adventure, This time in a browser-based platform with no download necessary, and playable across whatever device you can load it on. 

There are also different ways to play the game like switching between the original 3D renders or the cel- shaded graphic options, and engaging however you want to play including PVE, PVP, which means duels, Arenas, and guild sieges, or even an open-world PK channel.

For more on the game, you can head over to Flyff Universe.


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