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Flyff and Rappelz Are Hosting A Giveaways This Month, Doling Out Bora Coins

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Developer Gala Lab is hosting a giveaway across two of their MMOs, Flyff and Rappelz, that could see some players earn cash prizes this month. The Bora Coin Giveaway starts on April 7th.

Publisher Way2Bit is leveraging their Bora Island client, which was announced last year as a "digital blockchain platform" that opens up a wallet to trade digital assets. One such asset, Bora Coins, are the eventual prize for some fans in the current giveaway across Flyff and Rappelz

Players in Flyff will be able to get the chance to earn Bora Coins as the prize during the events, such as the 2021 Easter Egg hunt, resulting in a "special 'Old Bora Ring.' Flyff will also see players collecting special Bora Eggs for the login, Homecoming and Rainbow Race events. These Bora Eggs wil drop from monsters and can be exchanged for with quest items. the top 10 players per region will be receiving Bora Coins afte the Bora Egg event ends.

Via the press release:

"By upgrading this ‘Old Bora Ring’, players will also be able to receive a new powerful PvP accessory. Once the event ends, players will be ranked based on the sum of the upgrade values from accessories will be ranked, giving them players the opportunity to obtain upto $1,500 worth of additional Bora Coins."

For players of Rappelza taming event will see the top 10 players with the most Pretty Bora Eggs after the event ends per region receive Bora Coins.

For Rappelz, its taming event will see players receive a ‘Pretty Bora Egg’ item every time they tame a creature (with overall taming chances increased during the event). After the event ends, and similarly to Flyff, players will be ranked by the number of ‘Pretty Bora Eggs’ they have per region with the Top 10 rewarded with Bora Coins. For those who entered the event but didn’t make the top-spots, 10 people per region will receive $5.00 USD worth of the Bora Coins.

You can check out the events starting today, April 7th, as well as more details on each event on the official game websites for both Flyff and Rappelz


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